Cable Seal

Cable Seal YL-G002

Item No.: YL-G002
Fixed length cable seal YL-G002 is made of ABS and steel length. The standard total length 25cm, and it can be customized . It's heavy duty security cable seal for parcel and money transit, airline, transportation, locker, postbags and much more other app
Description SIZE
Steel line+ABS body

Standard overall length:    300mm(can be customized)
Standard workable length: 274mm(can be customized)
Line Diameter:                  1.8mm

5(W)x24(L) mm                                         

over 10KN

By steel cutter 

Red, yellow, blue, green, white, black
Special colors available for orders above 100,000pcs 

PRINT OPTION                                 
> hot stamp print: 
   print content:    company name/company logo/serial number. 
   print color:        black/white/red/yellow/blue or specified color
   advantages:      variety printing colors for choose. There is concave and convex ettect on the printing surface. Customized logo can be printed.

> laser print: 
   print content:    company name/company logo/serial number etc or any customized design
   print color:        dark grey
   advantages:      unlimited printing content,high definition ,fast printing leadtime,smooth printing,by our self-developed unique printing technology,printings can be printed on any color seals,without additional bakground color.Laser print has higher anti-counterfeiting security

Containers, vehicle door, rail cars, packing bags, banking and finance, retail,transport, storage units, tote boxes, trailers, postal parcel, airline, oild tand, garment, shoes, luggages and etc.